What is intrface?

The intrface association was established August 1, 2011, the day after the conclusion of the development project (2008-2011). There are approximately 60 fee-paying members, many of whom are the same institutions who participated in the development project.

There are two closely related goals of the work done by intrface museum – upper secondary school partnerships. One is to strengthen and sustain collaboration between upper secondary schools and local museums on the development, implementation and evaluation of museum-based coursework, targeted the schools’ students and relevant to their school curriculum.

The second goal is to make local museums accessible, familiar and relevant to students by ensuring that as much of the coursework as possible takes place at the museum, with museum staff and teachers working together on equal terms to provide an immersive learning experience for them. Museum professionals may also appear in the classrooms to teach the students on their own home ground.  

Please see our “Medlemsliste” (list of members) to see the museums and upper secondary schools that belong to the association. Please contact Sally Thorhauge (st@intrface.dk) if you have questions.